ABN Solutions Inc. is a functional and technical UCD and MISMO compliance solution provider through its cutting edge product QuiClose in US residential mortgage market to Mortgage Originators, Correspondent Lenders and other loan originators.

(An Approved Uniform Closing Data set (UCD) technology Vendor for GSE


  • To provide scalable and sustainable loan submission solution to US Mortgage market in alignment with UCD requirements of GSEs.
  • To provide comprehensive technology solution on assuring integrity, completeness and accuracy on loan submission data.
  • To affirm optimal data quality during the loan pre-settlement process.
  • To provide direct support to users on CFPB UCD compliance expectations. 
  • To provide seamless and efficient loan submission channel in expected XML format with calibration to MISMO 3.3.0 requirements.


  • QuiClose is well positioned to provide users an adequate control to create and submit loan closing documents in alignment with UCD specifications and in expected XML and PDF format. 
  • QuiClose provide users an effective edit checks on current CFPB business rules on new Integrated Mortgage Disclosure.
  • QuiClose ​also comes equipped with hundreds of business and compliance embedded rules to provide automated controls. 
  • QuiClose assures saleability of loans to GSEs in compliance with current policies, standards and regulations to TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure – Know Before You Owe). 


  • Fully capable of creating Closing Disclosure data in electronic format through automated functionalities.
  • Perform comprehensive data validation in compliance with GSE's uniform closing data set specifications.
  • Effective conversion of Closing Disclosure document to MISMO 3.3.0 XML format in alignment with GSEs expectations.
  • Effective mapping between XML Loan file and GSE's UCD Specs to ensure appropriate compliance.
  • Seamless conversion of Closing Disclosure (CD) to smart PDF format. 
  • Flexible, scalable and repeatable customized installation and batch file submission capability for Lenders to GSE systems.
  • Reporting and Monitoring is the capability to identify and develop the loan level reports. 

Business Values

  • Scalability - Provide users a full capability on submitting originated mortgage loans to GSE's systems in an automated manner.
  • Accuracy - Achieve seamless confidence and trust  on integrity of Closing Disclosure data points that are designed within QuiClose in alignment with GSE requirements and expectations.
  • Efficiency - Minimize loan saleability rejections at the time of loan submissions to GSE systems.
  • Increase focus on loan originations and revenue generations vs managing compliance findings.
  • Repeatability -  Minimize and eliminate manual interventions during loan submission process to GSE's through QuiClose automation capabilities.
  • Compliance - Ensure Confidence during loan submission data with compliance to GSE's Guidelines.
  • Coherency - MISMO 3.3 compliant XML data in order to have seamless document exchange with GSE's.
  • Marketability - Enable Mortgage entities to sell originated loans in secondary mortgage market with full confidence, accuracy and trust.


  • Easy UI to insert/edit closing data on need basis.
  • Create/Preview/Print PDF
  • Pre-populated Enumerations, builtin business rules controls, edit checks on calculations and cross reference mappings as per GSEs specs for faster input and accuracy.
  • 4 different ways of data injection- Manual Input, Extracts from LOS(.CSV), PDF Files.
  • Seamless processing of Data Conversion to MISMO 3.3 XML format.
  • Seamless Data Conversion from  MISMO 3.3 XML format to PDF.
  • Robust Validator to cover data completeness, reasonableness, validity, consistency and calculations for closing data.
  • Package creator to submit multiple loan files to GSEs at batch/loan level.
  • User management and file storage for audit trail.
  • Generate meaningful Reports at Loan level.

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